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Manifesting your Authentic Soul-Desires… (whether that’s travel, building a business, being a great Mom, writing a book, finding your soul-mate, winning awards or meeting the Dalai Lama…)

… Getting great with your Money and feeling relaxed and confident about it so that you thrive…

… and the Magic of Energy Alignment and creating true body-mind-soul Abundance in your life. 

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Katlego Maponyane – A young, Single Mom has tripled her Income.

Doing the Money Magic Program and getting her finances sorted enabled Katlego to leave a toxic relationship and be a thriving single-Mom.    

She’s paid off her car, gone on overseas holidays without using her credit card and even been able to navigate the ups and downs of turbulent Covid.  

She’s manifested a job she loves AND she’s tripled her income!

That’s what happens when you get into a Great Relationship with money! 

Jessica Porter - 2 million downloads of her Podcast in less than a year!

Jessica Porter in California is a writer, hypnotherapist, macrobiotic chef and comedian with a big dream of making an impact in the world. 

She’s so multi-faceted she wasn’t quite sure “how” to make the impact.

 She did my 7 Levels of Abundance program in 2020, and joined my Vision Mastermind in 2021. Through these programs, she’s taken the small, consistent steps to stay in her joy and follow her bliss and viola… MAGIC and IMPACT have manifested.

 Her SleepWave Podcast – to help people sleep better – has had over 2 million downloads in less than a year. Wow!!

Marnita Opperman – From Deep in Debt to almost Financially Free.

Despite being an Accountant, in 2015, Marnita’s personal finances were in a shambles!  

She was 35, was deeply in debt, would go on spending binges and had sleepless nights about her finances.

In 2015 she did the Money Magic program, and over the past 7 years has demolished her debt, started saving, become a confident investor (in property and the stock market) and is on track to be financially free by 2026. 

Yumna Allie lost 18 kgs, easily.

While on the 7 Levels of Abundance Program, Yumna experienced the pure MAGIC of body-mind-soul alignment.

With the tools from the program, she was able to grieve her husband who’d passed 8 years before, and she discovered a new level of self-care that saw her effortlessly drop 18 kg’s of weight.

Ndumi Radebe is now a Published Author and making Impact as a self-leadership coach.

Ndumi did the Money Magic program in 2018 and learned some powerful personal lessons about Black Tax and Boundaries.  

Through participating in my Vision MasterMind in 2020, 2021 and 2022 Ndumi has…

Left her corporate job and pursued her purpose and passion of being a great coach,

Written a Book about Black Tax called “Handle Black Tax like a Pro”

And landed a publishing deal with Penguin Random House for the book!

Meike Lovemore - Creating an empowered Financial Future for her Family.

After experiencing bankruptcy due to a farm business going wrong, Meike Lovemore (a farmer’s wife and mom to 3 kids) did the Money Magic Program. 

She made it her mission to be the Chief Financial Officer for her Family and get GREAT with money. 

Here’s the result, 5 years later… 

A 79% increase of their net worth year on year and they’ve demolished all of their debt. 

Here’s How I can help you get Started…

Dreams and Goals
with Soul

5 week Program

Get clear on your authentic, soul-led Dreams & Goals and how to Make them Happen with ease.

Money Magic

9 week Program 

Transform your Relationship with Money, have Money Breakthroughs and get the tools to create a thriving Financial Future – for yourself and your family.

Weekend Retreat

There is nothing like a Live, In-person Retreat to Nourish your Body, Quieten your Mind and Ignite your Soul. Join Us!

What My students say about working with me…

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Let’s SMASH 3 Myths about your Energy

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Another 3 Steps to shift you out of being Stuck

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