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If you’re CHOOSING your Word for the Year

Here’s a Quick Thought Experiment and a Guided Meditation Gift. ️

What would your life be like if you were in TUNE with Money?

If you were connected and hooked into the energetic flow of Money?

Take 1 minute to close your eyes and IMAGINE… what that would create for you, your life, and your family.

How would that feel?






Did you do it?  (Don’t skip this – do it!)

What did you Imagine Sadhna?

Were you sitting in your garden at the end of the month feeling relaxed and peaceful about your finances?

Did you imagine your boss giving you a raise or new clients for your business effortlessly finding you and having way more money gushing into your bank account?

How about being able to buy those spoils for yourself – that massage, a beautiful new dress, that piece of furniture you’ve been eyeing out, or even the weekend away?

Or feeling so proud of yourself for saving and investing with the extra money flowing in your life. 

Working with money at an ENERGETIC level is a profound way to start shifting your finances.

While you may be doing the Practical of budgeting, saving, investing, getting out of debt etc…

…  (or perhaps you don’t even want to look at your finances because it feels so scary)…  

…  working energetically with money smooths the way. 

It’s like adding grease to a baking tray so your delicious cake doesn’t get stuck.   

I know because, since 2011, I’ve been supporting thousands of women to have smooth, easy, relaxed and confident relationships with money through my Money Magic program.

Here’s a Gift for you for 2024 (because numerologically, it’s an “8 year” of prosperity and abundance – read more about that here.)

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Do it once a day.
Do it once a week.
Do it whenever you are feeling financially stuck.

P.S.   Here’s some feedback from one of my students who did the Meditation daily for a week, to uplevel her business and financial flow.


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