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Video – 4 Quick Money Tips for Xmas

Last week I did something I’ve never done before. I bought a Christmas Tree. 

Members of my family have previously called me a Christmas Grinch, and considering I’m buying my first Christmas tree at the age of 47, I can see how I may have earned my grinch status.    

I actually love the values of Christmas… connecting with friends and family, sharing stories, gratitude, celebration and the love… ?

But what makes me grinchy and uptight is the hectic commercialization of Christmas.

I’ve been advising my Money Magic students   for years not to get caught up in “overspending at Christmas” and ending up in January with the remorse and anxiety of the debt and tremendous financial pressure in the new year.

It’s not just Christmas presents; it’s the school holidays and social events in December too.

And now, suddenly, here I am with a son who is old enough to be excited about Christmas and I’m about to be swept up in the commercial craziness I’ve been warning everyone about for years.  ?

Here’s a Quick 3-minute Video with 4 Christmas Money Tips for you (AND for me) as a reminder for us all to take a DEEP BREATH before just whipping out the Credit Card and swiping away merrily.

And yes, I AM wearing yellow nail polish in the video.  ??

It’s Solar Plexus Chakra month on the 7 Levels of Abundance Program, which is about moving into your relaxed and confident personal power and transforming the “ego patterns” that keep you either overworking and proving yourself or procrastinating and disappointing yourself.

As I facilitate this 7-month program this year, I’m also doing the work like a participant because I know how life-changing this Chakra clearing and balancing work is. The Solar Plexus month has been particularly illuminating and transformative for me this year.

So to honour the Solar Plexus, with an act of courage and daring (and something I would NEVER usually do), I painted my nails yellow yesterday and Wow! This small simple act of daring has brought so much vitality into my day. Amazing!

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