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6 Money Myths you need to STOP Believing

There are 6 Money Myths that I see so many women hold. These myths stop you from learning about and working well with money. They keep you in financial struggle and anxiety.

When you bust these Myths – on the other side is feeling relaxed, at ease and quietly confident with your finances. 

Can you imagine how different your life would be if you felt calm about money 95% of the time? 

Here are the first 3 of the 6 Myths:
(I’ll share the Myths 4,5 & 6 next)

Myth Number 1: Someone’s coming to rescue you (or take care of your Finances for you).

I call this the “Princess” Myth or the “Dreaming of Winning the Lotto.” Myth.

You may be wishful thinking that someone else takes care of money for you – a Spouse, Parents, a Sibling, an Inheritance, a Knight in Shining Armour, a Trust Fund, a Financial Advisor… *you fill in the blank* 

Sorry to burst your bubble, but no one else woke up this morning thinking, “Yay, I’m so excited about making life financially secure, rich and happy!”

Your finances and money are YOUR responsibility. It’s up to you  – to learn about personal finances, shift your mindset, create money systems and get great with money. 

And if you need an easy place to start that will be fun, light and supported rather than dull and boring – please take a look at my 9-week Money Magic Program. 

Myth Number 2: I’m a Creative or Healer (or bad at Maths and numbers), so I’m not good at Money stuff.

You’re in luck! Being good with money has nothing to do with numbers or Maths. There are only 4 things you need to do: 

1. Learn how to Attract Money. 90% of Money Attraction is mindset, emotional and energy work. (And creatives and healers are great with energy and emotional work!)

2. Learn how to be at Ease with Letting Money Flow – both receiving and spending money. This is 100% mindset, emotional and energy work.

3. Set-up a Money System to make your life easy and guide your money. Here you need some guidance and a bit of time to implement it, but the most Maths you’ll need is adding up some numbers using the calculator on your phone.    

Once you set up a simple money system, it takes very little time in the month to monitor and manage it.   

Setting up this kind of money management system where you become a wonderful custodian of money is what you’ll learn on the Money Magic Program.

4. You need to break through Money Myth Number 3. (see below)

Myth 3: You have to Work HARD for Money

This Myth is one of the sneakiest in our “work-16-hour-day-hustle-to-be-successful” culture.

It’s one of the myths that I consistently keep smashing in the minds of my students.   

This Myth keeps you focused on working harder at your job or business, hoping it will fix your money issues.

How’s that working out for you?

Not so good, right?

If you want to shift your Money situation – you have to spend time, energy and effort on your relationship with Money and not on your relationship with Work. 

And here’s another significant distinction which creates financial breakthroughs for my students:


Money is WAY better at Making Money than you are.

Once you learn how to put some of your money from your “hard work” into investments and allow money to make money, your whole nervous system relaxes, the tension in your shoulders or back subsides, and all the survival fears you hold about money dissolve. 

I’ll be MYTH BUSTING here again tomorrow, with the final 3 Money Myths you need to shift to turn your Finances from stress and worry, into ease, confidence and thriving.

Look out for it.

In the meantime, I invite you to check out all the details of the Money Magic Program.

It’s my flagship 9-week online personal finance course, where I take your hand and coach and guide you into creating a Thriving Financial Future. 

Yours in Being Responsible and at Ease with your Money


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