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A Money Belief messed up my Financial Situation

It was 2009. I was sitting at my desk crying my eyes out because I’d just logged onto my Internet banking and my business bank account was looking bleak.

I couldn’t understand it. My teaching people about Manifesting their Dreams & Goals was going so well – I was doing workshops and seminars around South Africa, in the UK, USA and Germany.

I regularly appeared in magazines, on radio stations, on TV. I’d even been approached by Random House, South Africa’s biggest publishing company, to write a book, and it’d become a bestseller.

I was truly living my purpose and passion and yet the money and finances weren’t working out.

I was scraping by every month and some months there was more month than money. I was dipping into my savings and investments.

I was experiencing financial stress and frustration. I felt like a failure.

“What’s going on?” I thought. “I’ve made money easily before. Why is it suddenly hard and stressful? Money flowed beautifully in my previous business. What’s happening now?”

In my previous business, I jokingly called myself a “sin marketer”. It was an advertising business and my big clients were tobacco, alcohol and life insurance.

It was a successful business. We were making great money and for a woman in her late twenties, I was feeling on-track and pretty financially sorted.

By my mid-thirties, I was feeling anxious and worried about money.

Luckily, I’d learned from other excellent teachers that if you’re getting results you don’t want in your life, the first place you need to start looking is not at the circumstances but instead internally at your mindset, beliefs and emotions.

Your beliefs create your results.

Read that again: Your Beliefs create your Results.

If you’re getting negative results with your finances, it’s because you have negative and disempowering beliefs.

So I worked on unpacking my negative money beliefs and my money blocks.

The belief that was causing all the trouble was this:

Spiritual OR Wealthy

When I was a sin-marketer, it wasn’t very spiritual, so I could easily make money.

But as soon as I started living what I believe is my divinely-guided purpose of being a Fairy Godmother and helping people, this block kicked in.

Even though I was successful, the money didn’t flow.

In my 4 x Free Money Training Videos, I’ll teach you how to uncover your disempowering Money Beliefs AND the simple tool I used to clear this Money Block.

Using this tool, things began to shift financially in my business. 

More money flowed in. 

As I continued to use it, my money situation became more relaxed and I became more confident. I still use it to this day, more than a decade later!

This powerful tool will surprise you. It’s something you’re doing already, but the way you’re currently using it is disempowering you.

In these Free Videos, you’ll learn how to use this tool to help, rather than harm, your finances.

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P.S. As you go through the Free Videos you’ll discover some of your disempowering money beliefs that keep you stuck in financial patterns that are not serving you.

Please share them with me in the comments underneath the videos. I read all the comments.

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