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I’m so frikken’ proud

I’m so frikken’ proud

Two of my Students have just had their BIG Dreams come true. And as a Cheerleader of Dreams & Goals, Thriving Financially and Living an Abundant and Magical Life… My POM-POMs are out, and this is my:…

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WTF!? This is WHY I’m running a Money Party

WTF!? This is WHY I’m running a Money Party

In Case you missed it…   A 3-Day Full Moon Money Party is happening next week!  Tuesday 7, Wednesday 8 & Thursday 9 March A Money Party may sound a little "strange" to you... and you may have skimmed my previous posts and thought, "WTF?! A Money Party - that's...

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Thoughts on being a Soul-Led Business Owner

Thoughts on being a Soul-Led Business Owner

I’ve been an Entrepreneur since I was 19. In 28 years, I haven’t worked for anyone else.I started 4 different businesses in my 20’s.  The first was incredibly successful. The middle two companies were disasters. They crashed and burned fast (thank goodness). The...

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4 Questions to Re-ignite your Soul

There’s an old story that says that during tribal times, when someone was feeling dispirited, fearful, depressed, or overwhelmed, they would go to the nearest Shaman or Medicine man for advice.

This Solstice – a Manifesting Experiment for you to Try…

I trust you had SUPER Solstice (whether a Summer Celebration or a mid-Winter Reflection). This Solstice, I have a Manifesting Experiment for you to try for the next week. Encapsulated in one word, it is: SATISFACTION First, a personal story… Since moving to Portugal...

Guided Meditation to Release Negative Emotion about Money

The negative emotions you hold about money – upset, fear, anger, envy, guilt, shame etc. – create money blocks.  These blocks create all sorts of financial nonsense in your life like: Dreading bills because there are more bills than money. Unexpected expenses pop up...

VIDEO –  Manifesting your Dream Home – Easy or Hard?  Here’s why…

Why is it that sometimes you can manifest things quickly and effortlessly and other times, it can feel hard and like a struggle? My students often ask these questions: “Should I be specific or general with my Dreams & Goals?   Which is better?” “And what happens...

A Guided Meditation to Overcome Self-Doubt

Self-Doubt is a dream and goal killer.    You may call it self-sabotage or your inner critic or it may even show up as perfectionism or feeling not good enough. In whichever ways Self-Doubt creeps in, it stops you from expanding into your fullest potential and...

Raising MoneyWise Kids

Raising MoneyWise Kids - 23 minutes Money and finances are tricky topics to deal with as adults; imagine how overwhelming it must seem to our kids.  In this interview on the Future Smart Parent Podcast, we discussed ways to overcome this challenge as parents and give...

Video – 4 Quick Money Tips for Xmas

Last week I did something I’ve never done before. I bought a Christmas Tree.  Members of my family have previously called me a Christmas Grinch, and considering I’m buying my first Christmas tree at the age of 47, I can see how I may have earned my grinch status.    ...

No More Gold Stars for Me

"Mama, please will you buy me a Guitar." For 10 days, my son has been saying this every morning when he wakes up and before he goes to sleep. He is very into music. The guitar has captured his fascination and his desire to have one is strong. And while I teach my...

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