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Guided Meditation to Release Negative Emotion about Money

The negative emotions you hold about money – upset, fear, anger, envy, guilt, shame etc. – create money blocks. 

These blocks create all sorts of financial nonsense in your life like:

Dreading bills because there are more bills than money.

Unexpected expenses pop up every month – your car tires, your geysers, a trip to the dentist for your kids.

Being disappointed with yourself for not being able to save or invest, despite your good intentions.

Always being the one in your family who everyone seems to ask for money. Aaargh!

Not being able to shift your financial situation sustainably.

I’ve created this Guided Meditation as a Gift for you to clear and release your most intense negative emotion about money.

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My students report many different magical results when they release Emotional Money Blocks…

Waking up in the morning feeling relaxed about their finances instead of a sense of dread.

Receiving surprise gifts from friends and family –  a lunch out, a spa voucher, flowers, toys for the kids.

Money flows more easily to them.

Being able to break through that “just enough” money ceiling.

This Guided Meditation you can do again and again. 

I recommend you save it and use it when you notice any negative emotion around money.

I use it whenever I feel nervousness, stress, frustration or  anger rising in me about money.  I know it’s best to clear intense emotion quickly before it messes with the numbers in my bank account.

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