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Home Plot Twists


I woke this morning thinking, “Maybe, it’s just not meant to be. Maybe we won’t get our family home,” a feeling of despondency wrapped around me like a blanket.

I started imagining worst-case scenarios.

And then my inner Master Manifester woke up and said “Hey, hey, hey negative thoughts, get out of there. Stop your nonsense.”

And then she whispered lovingly to me:  “Here’s a Reminder, Donna.  You are a Master Manifester. Use your tools, especially the EASE tools.”

I stretched my body and said out loud: “Let it be Easy!”

Geoff and I have been on a crazy Manifesting Journey over the past 8 months for our Family Home in Portugal.   It’s been a wild rollercoaster of emotions…

Excitement – of imagining what we want and creating our family home.  Our Quirky Country House in Riebeek West was such an oasis for us.  It was grounding, joyous, spacious and a magical portal for manifesting. 

We’ve been excited about finding and creating the same here.

Effortlessness and Flow – The process of getting pre-approval on a mortgage was amazingly effortless.  Thanks to my Money Magic program, I’m super organized with my Money.  

Unsettledness – we had to move out of the property we were renting and then realized there is a Rental Crisis in Portugal with very little to rent especially short-term rentals.  

From 2011 to 2017, I did a lot of Digital Nomading and it was fun, spontaneous and freeing.  Now as a Mom to a little one, my desire for routine, grounding and being settled is like an ache in my body.  

Support – from two new friends to stay at their houses in August.  At that time, we were confident that by the beginning of September we’d have our house.

Over-optimistic – thinking that we’d have our new house by the beginning of September.  🙄

Deep Disappointment – when the house we loved and had been working on for 2 months was sold out from under us to a cash buyer. 

Anxiety – over finding somewhere to live in September while this situation unravelled,  and then October and then AGAIN in November… 

Frustration – “I don’t want to see another F-ing Property,” said Geoff.  I knew exactly what he was feeling.  I was feeling it too. This was after we’d viewed about 50.  (We’ve now probably seen over 70! Yikes)

Relief – at moving into a beautiful property that we’re renting for the next few months, which is providing much-needed grounding and stability.

Exhaustion – After putting in 3 proposals on 3 properties and none worked out. 

Amazing Connections – with generous, wonderful and supportive people – bond originators, bank officials, AirBnB Hosts, our incredible agent. 

Our gratitude for the Portuguese people and their generosity, warmth and support is immense.   Two people I’ve met on this journey will be very dear, longtime friends. 

Doubt – “Maybe this is not for us.”

Desire and Longing – to create a home. To settle. To ground.  To have “my home” in the world. 

Magic – When a house popped up on the Internet, and we asked to view it and were told, “No, you can’t view it. There are 15 viewings already booked.  We’ll sell it this week”. 

Serendipitously, the following week the property was not sold. We viewed it, and it ticks all of our boxes.   

Cautiously Excited – “We think we’ve found our family home. Let’s keep our fingers (and all of our toes) crossed.”

Anticipation and Future Imagining – “When we are in the house, we’ll invite loads of friends to stay.”  “Let’s plant roses along the driveway.”  “Let’s turn that room into a family hang-out space.”

Confusion – about how the property and bank processes in Portugal actually work. 

Diligent Micro-movements – just taking one step at a time each day to move things forward.

Understanding and Empathy – long conversations with a South African friend who is also buying a Property in Portugal and has been having crazy plot twists too.  I’m so pleased to have someone to talk to who really “gets it”.

Plot Twist – On Friday, we had another Plot Twist in our property process, and we’re not sure if it’s good, or bad, or happy or sad. 🤷

Through all of this, I have been using 3 of my Tools that have supported me immensely:

1.     Using my EASE tools to keep coming back into EASE.   (Here’s my quick Ease Checklist for you to check out.)

Ease is the VIBRATIONAL foundation for manifesting everything. If you can keep bringing yourself back to EASE, you will create what you wish for.

2.     This is ALL happening FOR me (and my family)… Everything that is happening is for my highest good.

3.     Manifesting is ALWAYS perfect in HINDSIGHT.  

They say Hindsight is 20/20 Vision – it’s the same with Manifesting.   You’ll never be able to see the Manifesting Path from the Present to the Future, but you will always be able to see the perfection when you look back from the present into the past.   (Watch this 6 minute Video for more about this!)

Wherever YOU are on your Manifesting Journey of Creating what you want, I wish you EASE. 










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