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I can’t believe I’ll be packing my stuff into boxes again. 

In June 2021, we sold almost everything to make a light move to Portugal. At the time, it felt freeing to get rid of a household of furniture, two cars and the stuff that accumulates like breeding bunnies. 

I’ve never been very materialistic, so it felt like an appropriate shedding during that weird Covid time. We laughed that apart from clothes, Geoff brought his ham radio gear and tools, and I brought some well-loved books, journals and art.

One of the hardest things to get rid of was my Afrika Burn Fancy dress. I rationalised from many boxes down to three. And even though I haven’t really worn any in the past 2 years, I’m so pleased to have it with me.

I miss some unexpected things, like my old kitchen spoon holder, dining room table placemats, tent (my shelter over a decade of fun camping trips, yoga festivals and Burns), and bed linen. Jeez, I miss my old bed linen.

And now, at the end of this month, we’re moving again.
And here’s the kicker – we have no idea where we’re going.

I’m soon to be homeless

… and leaning into deep faith and trust that it will magically all work out.

We landed with a magical soft landing in Portugal, staying in a cute cottage on an idyllic Retreat Centre started by a student of mine.  

We had instant community, made beautiful friendships and could continue living our dream country life and have Luke grow up grounded in nature. And I’ve facilitated a retreat here too.

It felt serendipitous (like completing a full circle) to live in a “dream come true” that my student, Michelle, created at a workshop with me in 2010 and then worked on manifesting while doing other online programs with me.

Like all good things, there are times when chapters end.

And while we’ve known for a few months that at the end of July, we need to move out, it turns out that (for a myriad of reasons) rental properties in Portugal are like hens’ teeth. How Fascinating!

So we’ve been looking at the possibility of buying a house too. (Thank goodness for my own Money Magic, which can easily enable this.)

And knowing all that I teach about Manifesting, this uncertainty about where we will live has been such a test for me “Not to Compromise on what we want and how we want to live.”

Despite the uncertainty and a fixed deadline of a moving-out date, I keep reminding myself to breathe, stay present, connect to ease and TRUST in the MAGIC.
And that:
“Everything is happening FOR me and not to me.”

In 2018, we compromised due to panic and stress about not having somewhere to live. We jumped at the first available place we found. It was amid “Day Zero” in Cape Town when the whole city was engulfed with fear and anxiety about all the water in the city running out.

And both Geoff and I had a weird year in an environment that was a fear-based and scarcity-induced choice.

It was out of those Scarcity decisions and never wanting to operate from the vibration of scarcity again (because it produces yucky, sub-optimal results) that I was inspired to create my 7 Levels of Abundance program.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve loved working so energetically, magically and profoundly with my students and the chakra system, through this program.

And I know that all this uncertainty around HOME arising again is to spark deeper and deeper levels of my own Root Chakra healing.

But damn, I wish the lesson was over already! 

“What would you coach one of your students to do, Donna?” asked Geoff.

So I’m using my tools – the Root Chakra Balancing Meditation and Subliminal Reprogramming Music. The Breathing, Mudras and Yoga for the Root. So that despite the circumstances, I feel stable, safe, grounded and can claim my right to have.

I also keep holding the Vision and Feeling of the quirky, country family home we desire and dream of.

And I can’t frikken’ wait to be on the other side of this, to share with you the MAGICAL story of how it all worked out so perfectly, even though it felt like quite a challenge while going through it.

If life is trying to exercise and strengthen my Faith and Trust muscles, it’s doing a damn good job.

Yours in holding Faith in your Vision in the face of Challenges

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