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Lost your Mojo? – Here’s why…

In reply to an email from a past student, I wrote:

“I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling low energy and hopeless. 


And while it may feel incredibly individual to you, the past 3 years have been SO F%^ked-up in the Consciousness Cauldron (and Astrologically) and externally in the world… that I think many people are only now poking their heads out and saying:


“Hey, what happened?  I need to recalibrate and find my energy and who I am again.” 

Her response was:

“Even though you’ve changed your brand… Gotta tell ya … you really just ooze Fairy Godmother energy!  This statement of yours just led me to tears, still crying as I type.”

This Student was applying for the Vision 2023 Mastermind.  She has a deep longing to reconnect to her Vision and follow it.  

“I’ve lost my energy and enthusiasm, I want to get my Mojo back,” she wrote. 

I’m not sure if she knows or if it was her intuition leading her, but when you CONNECT to your VISION, an inspired, magical aliveness and vitality flows through you. 

Serendipities and Coincidences cross your path to lead you in the right direction.   Doors open to fantastic new opportunities.  You feel divinely guided.

Connected to Vision =  Energy, Aliveness, Trust and Magic.

Disconnected from Vision = “I’ve lost my Mojo”

Your Vision is a Soul-Guide for your life. 
It knows your gifts.
It’s aware of your destiny. 
It holds the key to fulfilling your potential and leads you into the extraordinary life you long for. 

And it is always there.  It always has been — your WHOLE life.

Your Vision plays like a musical soundtrack throughout your life.  Sometimes it’s so faint you can hardly hear it and need to listen.  Other times the Volume of your Vision is SO loud you can’t help but give it attention.

It’s easy to be distracted by everyday life away from following and living your Vision’s Magic.  I get it!  
There are bills to pay, kids to take to school, deadlines to meet, responsibilities to take care of…

… And the magical music of your Vision dies away into the background again. 
Waiting for you to Listen.

Will 2023 be the year that you listen?

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