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No More Gold Stars for Me

“Mama, please will you buy me a Guitar.”

For 10 days, my son has been saying this every morning when he wakes up and before he goes to sleep.

He is very into music. The guitar has captured his fascination and his desire to have one is strong.

And while I teach my students that following what fascinates you and Igniting your Desire (which is energetically housed by the Sacral Chakra) is a powerful and potent creative force in manifesting your Goals…

… My dilemma with Luke is that he is only two and a half years old! 

And what the hell is he actually going to do with a Guitar?

Geoff came up with an interim solution – A Star Chart – for Luke to fill up with a hundred stars. Then we’ll buy him a Ukulele.

Our house is now buzzing with the excitement of stars and the “potential of the Guitar desire/ dream/ goal coming true.”

Luke is now joyfully… 

… eating with fork, knife and spoon “by his own self”…  

… packing away toys…  

… doing a wee-wee on the toilet without any struggling against us…


… eating his calcium tablet (which he previously pretended to eat and would sneakily throw in the bin)…


When he sticks the blue, pink or yellow stars on the chart, he hops up and down like a rabbit with excitement and counts how many stars he has.

He’s currently on 17. ⭐⭐⭐


And this morning in the shower, I thought,  

“Hey, am I giving myself stars as I journey towards my next big dreams and goals?”

And I realised that I write my Celebrations and Successes weekly in the feedback with my students who are part of my Vision 2022 Mastermind BUT…

… Because I’ve done it weekly for 3 years, it’s become a “list exercise”. 

I’ve stopped giving myself the celebratory and appreciative “Gold Stars”.  


I’ve stopped BASKING in the excitement, enthusiasm and celebration of my weekly successes (like Luke hops up and down when he sticks a star for using his fork).

This made me realise there are 2 parts to getting “adult” Gold Stars:

Part 1:  YOU are the Star-Giver

You have to realise that as an adult, YOU are the person who gives yourself the Gold Stars.    

Self-appreciation is something so lacking for most adults. There’s some BS nonsense we were taught that it’s egotistical or boastful or arrogant or vain…  

But here’s the thing – in your adult life, if you aren’t giving yourself the Gold Stars, who will? 

So many people wait for appreciation from their bosses, colleagues, spouses, kids, friends, (you fill in the blank) 

and get upset, resentful and frustrated because it doesn’t come or isn’t frequent enough.    

If you’re waiting for others to give you the Gold Stars, you’ll find yourself in a drought of appreciation.  

And that plays havoc with your ability to manifest and create what you want.

So start celebrating your micro-movements and micro-successes – the equivalent of packing away your toys – and give yourself Gold Stars.  

I highly recommend doing it weekly; I’ve seen the magic that weekly celebration creates for my Mastermind students.


Part 2: Bask and Enjoy it!

When you Give yourself a Gold Star, you’ve got to BASK in it with the full enthusiasm of a child enjoying the Star. 

Let the thrill of appreciation and celebration infuse every cell in your body and every atom in your aura…

… Because it’s that celebratory vibration that keeps fuelling your desire and creativity and manifests AMAZING things in your life.

Yours in Giving yourself Gold Stars,

P.S. Here are a few Gold Stars to get you started… ?

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⭐ I celebrate you for being committed to your personal and spiritual development and taking in the suggestions from this email. 

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