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Orgasmic Money

Here’s a Quick Money Thought Experiment for you today,. 

Everything at its foundation is energy, right?

The seat you are sitting on, your body, your phone, the person next to you – it’s all energy.   And Money is Energy.

And we have a relationship with all the energies in our lives.   

So if you had to choose ONE word to Describe your current Relationship with Money, what would the word be?


(Have you got it?  That one word?)

What if that One Word for your Relationship with money could be ORGASMIC?

Give yourself a moment to FEEL how the feeling of ORGASMIC feels in your body.

It feels good, right?  It feels blissful, expansive and open. 

Now if you know anything about manifesting (which I’m sure you do), you’ll know in pretty simplified terms:
How you FEEL about something is what you’ll manifest. 

What if your Relationship with Money and Finances could feel and be Blissful, Expansive, Open and Orgasmic?

If you’d like to know how, I invite you to watch this 1-hour interview I did a few months ago with Helena Grant at her Torchbearer Visibility Summit.

It’s called Combining the Masculine & Feminine Aspects of Money for Orgasmic Financial Expansion.

I trust you’ll find the interview enlightening, enlivening and good for you and your Money. 


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