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Out of my HEAD… Into my Body.  And Viola a Miraculous Result.

For most of my life, I’ve been an “in my head” and “playing-in-my-imagination-innovation-and-intuition” kind of girl rather than a “Mama-Earth” rooted woman. 

I’ve never been truly rooted and grounded in the world. 

Until 2019, when I healed my Root Chakra “glitch”… And a real miracle happened.

Many of my students share similar experiences of “being too much in the head” when I coach them.

Perhaps you experience this too…

️?You’re way more in your head, thoughts and ideas than in your body.  

️? When you’re busy with a new project or creativity, healthy routines for your body – like exercise, sleep and eating well – fly out the window.

️? Sometimes, you have a sense of missing foundational stability and support. 

️? You find adventure, travel and being on the move way more exhilarating than the idea of daily home life. 

️? Routine scares you because it may mean boredom.  

️? And boundaries… Mmmmm… Not so good. 

If two or more of these ring true for you, then some Root Chakra balancing work is needed. 

And here’s something to help with that – my FREE Guided Root Chakra Balancing Meditation

Enjoy! ?

In 2019 I ran my 7 Levels of Abundance program for the first time. 

It was astounding.  

It’s a 7-month program where I worked deeply with students to heal their “scarcity scars” and unlock abundance in all areas of their lives – health, relationship, finances, career, sexuality, contribution, expression, spirituality, purpose etc.

The results were mind-blowing for the participants in 2019 and for the participants in the following two years despite crazy Covid. 

In 2019 I experienced one of these mind-blowing results myself. 

At 43, I became pregnant with my first child – completely naturally. 

The 7 Levels of Abundance program is a 7-month program. 

It’s slow, deep and spacious. Just like good sex ?

We do 1 Chakra per month for 7 months.

We start with the Root Chakra, and in 2019 I used the tools I was teaching my students to ground, root and EARTH myself into this physical plane and my body.

Serendipitously, Geoff (my husband) and I moved out of the city and into the country to be closer to nature, forming a big part of this “rooting”.

  • I created the structure of a beautiful country home.
  • I stood with my bare feet on the earth every day.
  • I did daily breathing techniques for grounding.
  • I honoured my ancestors and the roots they have given me.
  • I did all the exercises I was teaching my students in the program. 

In June 2019, in Month 2 of the program, we moved onto the Sacral Chakra, which is all about our sexuality, sensuality, the pleasure of life, our womb and our primal creativity.    

It was in the fourth week of this Sacral Chakra work with the 7 Levels of Abundance Group that I conceived naturally. 

One of my “guest experts” on the program – Kagiso Msimango – alluded to the power of a Heart and Womb Meditation. So I created one for my students.

And Voila… Conception.

I know for sure it was no coincidence.  

The Root and Sacral Chakra clearing, healing and energy work opened me up to the next level of my abundance – becoming a Mama in my maturity years. 

Getting out of your head and experiencing being embodied is KEY to manifesting abundance on this earthly plane.

I’ll be sharing more with you about that in this blog – so keep checking back. 

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