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Raising MoneyWise Kids

Raising MoneyWise Kids – 23 minutes

Money and finances are tricky topics to deal with as adults; imagine how overwhelming it must seem to our kids. 

In this interview on the Future Smart Parent Podcast, we discussed ways to overcome this challenge as parents and give our kids good financial foundations we never had. 

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And here are some more details about the Money Wise Kids Workshop that we chat about in the interview. 

It’s a workshop on How to Teach your children Good Money Habits, get Practical Tools to implement immediately and have them Delighted to Learn about Money.

(No matter what YOUR current Financial Situation)

If you’re a Mom or Dad and know that school doesn’t teach your kids about money and it’s up to you to ensure that your kids build great Money Habits…

… But…

You have no idea where to start.

That’s EXACTLY why we’ve created this mini-Workshop to give you the Easy, Simple Starting Point and tools to teach your kids about money in a way that ignites and delights them.

Getting your kids started with powerful money habits will benefit them for the rest of their lives (and it will help you too!)

You can get started with this 3 Hour Self-Study Workshop (with Videos and Workbook) for only $ 47 Today!    Click Here to Get Started Now >>

It’s Priceless!

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