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Taking my OWN Medicine

My left arm was painful.  I was doing a morning workout on my veranda with weights.  While doing a particular arm exercise, I felt a twinge of pain in my left shoulder.

“This doesn’t feel right,” I thought.

So listening to my body, I stopped the movement but continued the rest of the routine, albeit gently.

The next day there was some tenderness in my left arm, but luckily I was booked for a massage.  The day after the luxurious Kahuna massage, everything was fine.  I took a few days off from the weights.  “All good,” I thought.

But in the following weeks, the pain returned. 

I’m sure you know that physical pain or disease is BOTH physical AND Energetic AND Emotional.

Dis-EASE is the opposite of EASE.

It means that somewhere in the body-mind-emotional system, energy is either stagnant (stuck) or flowing too strongly. 

The key to having life-force energy flowing Abundantly through you, energising all areas of your life, is to keep connecting to EASE.  (Despite the Circumstances.)

So I had a session with my osteopath for the pain in my arm (the Dis-EASE).  
The pain got better for a day.  Then it returned with a vengeance.

That’s when my suspicions were confirmed…  

This pain in my left arm is highlighting an EMOTIONAL issue.

In my 7 Levels of Abundance program – we use the Chakras to diagnose our Scarcity Blocks or where energy is stuck or overactive in any area of your life.    

I know that pain down my left arm means the energy issue is in my HEART Chakra. 

It’s no surprise that a few weeks earlier, I’d had a heart-breaking incident with a very close person in my life.   I felt raw and emotionally vulnerable. 

Heartache is F-ing awful!

If you’ve ever experienced it or the accompanying grief, it can be so intense that you quickly try to shut off from it or numb yourself.

We distract ourselves… 

… Binge watching Netflix… 

… or having a few glasses of wine… 

… or eating that whole tub of ice cream…

… or my favourite, I throw myself into work.

Yep, we all have our favourite distractions, right?

We’ve never been taught how to handle ANY intense emotion in a healthy way when it arises – like Fear, Guilt, Shame, Grief, Lies, Illusion or Attachment.

We’ve learned instead to suppress or distract or judge or blame…
… Or All of those at once…
… But that’s not healthy.  It creates MORE dis-ease and scarcity.
… It’s a vicious cycle. 

Luckily because I teach this work, I have the tools.

So I started applying a few Heart Chakra balancing tools.    
I did a Heart Chakra Balancing Meditation and Ho’ponopono on the situation.  

I used the Heart Chakra Subliminal Reprogramming Music you downloaded a few days ago Henriette.

I’m curious, have you listened to it yet?

I’m committed to my heart breaking OPEN and Expanding rather than shutting down and closing.    Despite the circumstances, I desire to be kind, loving and compassionate to myself and the other person.  

I knew this was KEY to shift my arm’s pain back into ease.  And bring kindness into the situation in my life too. 

This is why I LOVE working with the Chakras!

They provide a quick, easy way to diagnose where the energy in your body-mind-soul system is stuck.  

And then, you can use the energy tools to shift the block without many expensive hours in therapy or at the doctor.  

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In this 2-hour Masterclass, you’ll get the Overview of the Chakras. 
Plus, how Chakras can diagnose your Scarcity Blocks and how to work with them to re-align yourself into Abundance.  

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MOST IMPORTANTLY, this Masterclass is Highly Experiential.
It is NOT me doing a one-way presentation of information…  

… I will take you through a Closed-Eye Exercise so you can FEEL where the energy is stuck or blocked.  And we will do some energy healing and clearing, too.  
Right there, LIVE during the MasterClass. 

Here’s what two previous participants shared after this Free Masterclass when I ran it last year.

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I am so excited to share this life-shifting work with you.

Yours in keeping my Heart-Open and Choosing Love

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