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Thank Goodness I said YES to this…

“Okay, Let’s try it,” I said, 
“But I’m concerned that moving to the country will make me SLOW.   So, can try it for a year?  And if I don’t like it, we’ll return to the city.”

This was exactly 4 years ago when my partner, Geoff, was itching for us to move out of Cape Town and into country life.  

We found a fabulously quirky country house on a 1-hectare property in Riebeek West, 1 hour out of the city. 

And you know what?

Moving to the country DID make me slow… 
… and I’m so frikken’ pleased that it did.

There’s been a massive benefit in SLOWING down and creating spaciousness through country living. 

  • My creativity flourished.   
  • I had the space and time to be divinely inspired while writing the 7 Levels of Abundance program and ran it for the first time in 2019 from my quirky country house. 
  • I felt more grounded and relaxed than ever before. 
  • I spent more time thinking and reflecting. It helped me make better decisions. 
  • There was so much joy and appreciation flowing through me. 
  • My business thrived. 
  • Life felt rich and luxurious – not through “material stuff” but through the quality of my life. 
  • Being close to nature and living in the country was a real game-changer for me.

So much so that I’m pretty sure I won’t live in a city again.

In a world so concerned with 24/7 and fast and “instant results”…  

… I’m sharing this to remind you that Slowing down, Resting and Connecting to Nature magically transforms your life, if you let it.

And if you live in a city, there are practices you can start to help you slow down.  One of the most powerful is Meditating.    

If you’ve never meditated before or are a seasoned meditator… 
check out this 21-Day Guided Meditation Challenge starting next Wednesday 1 February.

It’s being run by Mandy Myerson, one of my early students who started working with me on her Dreams & Goals in 2007.     

And I’m delighted to be one of the 12 Guides, who’ll be guiding the meditations. 

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  • And here are some other ideas of things you can do to Slow Down today…   
  • Turn your phone off for a few hours and allow yourself to potter.
  • Go on a gentle stroll and focus on your five senses as you do.
  • Take a long, slow, relaxing bath.
  • Sit under a tree and do nothing. Simply allow yourself to sit.
  • Have a nap in the middle of the day. (Yes, it is allowed!)
  • Book yourself a massage.

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