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The Numerology of 2024

The past three years have felt quite challenging and tough.  At times I’ve felt like an octopus on roller skates being pulled simultaneously in different directions.

Being at ease and in balance has certainly been tricky, and I’m very pleased to be saying goodbye to 2023. 
And because I know some basics about numerology, I’m quietly optimistic (personally) and feeling champagne bubble tingles of excitement (in my work) about the Universal Collective Numerology of 2024.  
2024 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8
It’s an 8 year.   Yipppppeeee!!!  ️🎊🎊
In the cosmic language of numbers, 8 is a powerful and auspicious number that resonates with the energy of Manifestation.
This means that 2024 is the time to focus on:
Being CLEAR on your Dreams and Goals…
… ALIGNING yourself, your intentions and your energy with universal forces…. 
(It’s time to have fun and play with your Divine co-creator!)
… deepening your FAITH to glide through the self-doubt or challenges that arise… 
… opening to your innate Receptivity and taking Inspired Action
… and paving the way for the REALIZATION of your dreams and desires.

I like to think of the “8 year” as the year of the Harvest!  
It’s the Abundance, Prosperity, and Material manifestation of what you’ve planted over the past 7 years.

The Number 8 is also the number of Karma. It’s about reaping what you’ve sown.

And during Harvest time you have to actually get out there and do the work, take the action and Harvest!
The great thing about the 8 energy is that it comes with strength and resilience for the work and action-taking required for the materialization of your Goals – turning them from…

…  Ideas in your Head
…  or deep longing in your Heart
…. or burning Desire from the Sacral Chakra (your womb)
…  into the actual things and experiences in your life. 
The Number 8, while often associated with money and material success, also encourages individuals to find spiritual growth through their material experiences.  
Pursuing your goals and achievements in 2024 will have a deeper, transformative impact on your spiritual journey.   
Cool, right?

So here are a few questions for you to ponder before 2024 begins:
1. What have you sown over the past 7 years?
2. What are the Dreams and Goals you’ve been focusing on and intending since 2017 (which was the 1 year, the start of this Numerological Cycle)?
3. And which of these have you given up on because they haven’t happened yet?
“Don’t give up on them!!!!” (That’s me, yelling loudly because 2024 is the Manifestation year to make them happen.)
Now is the time to reflect on 2023 and the past 7 years, dust off any of those dreams you shelved, and reconnect to desires that are still there.    
In my work, I’m super Inspired and Enthusiastic about a Universal 8 year – because it resonates perfectly with the three areas in which I teach:
Manifesting + Money + Magic
If you want to harness and amplify the 8 Manifestation Energy of 2024 to see results in your life, please seriously consider joining my Vision 2024 MasterMind.
It runs from 9 January to 5 December 2024. And It’s

You + Me (as your coach and guide) + 20 other special souls 
… who are committed to their Dreams and Goals, Manifesting through Alignment,  Living their best lives and Encouraging you to do it too.
It’s about us all turbo-charging your and each other’s Visions, Dreams and Goals, with energy, inspiration and support. 

This is NOT a content program (e.g. there is no content to learn or work through).

The Vision 2024 MasterMind is specifically set up to:

💫🍀 Give you Clarity and Focus on your authentic Soul-led Dreams & Goals going into 2024 (also considering the themes of your life in the previous 7 years.)    I guide you through a process for this. 
💫🍀  Support you by fine-tuning your Energetic Alignment (through my coaching and the group’s support) to make manifestation WAY easier, especially in this 8-year. 
💫🍀  Keep you accountable to ensure you keep taking inspired action when necessary so that you get results.
💫🍀  Have a Valuable support network to increase your confidence and faith in dreams coming true.
💫🍀  Have access to my coaching and guidance at a super affordable price.

💫🍀  Contain the synergistic magic of a group intention around ease-filled and enjoyable manifesting in 2024 and beyond.

💫🍀 Be a space for you to be inspired by yourself and others.

💫🍀  Generously support others in their success and grow your success, too.

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This Vision 2024 MasterMind starts in January 2024 (the first live coaching session together is in the first week of February), and the intake is by Application only.

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