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The other 3 Money Myths causing Havoc with your Finances


This is the second paty of the 3 Money Myths you need to stop believing if you want to shift your financial situation from anxiety or insecurity to one of ease, confidence and thriving.

When you bust through these Money Myths, on the other side is…

… Earning more money and feeling good and deserving when asking for your worth – either for your salary or your business.

… Your future feels more secure. You have an emergency fund for unexpected mishaps that cost money – like the geyser bursting or your car needing repairs.

… You’d feel confident working with money and growing it through savings and investments.

… Because your finances are on track, you feel way more relaxed. You can afford the “little spoils” and the bigger things like holidays or weekends away, renovating your house and having more fun with your kids.

If you missed the first 3 Money Myths – read them here.

Here are Money Myths 4, 5 & 6.

Money Myth 4: I’m too young/I’m too old to be Great with Money

Every single one of my Money Magic Students says the same thing in different ways:

“Why didn’t they teach us about money at school?”

“I wish I’d learned this earlier!”

“If only I’d known this in my twenties.”

The Time is NOW. Whatever age you are – in a year, 5 years or 10 years, you’ll WISH you’d STARTED TODAY working on your money mindset, a money management system, getting out of debt, saving and investing. 

I’ve had 18-year-old students in my Money Magic program, others in their 60’s and my oldest Money Magic student was 82! And, of course, all the ages in between.

You are NEVER too young or too old to get fantastic with Money.

Money Myth 5: If I ignore Money maybe it’ll go away

Let’s bust this belief immediately. Money is NEVER going to go away. 

Money has been around your whole life and will continue to be a significant global energy long after you’re gone.   

Money is the highest form of physical energy that Human Beings can channel.

Ignoring it or being an ostrich with your head in the sand is not a solution.  

If Money feels daunting, overwhelming or like the scary unknown, please let me take your hand and be your gentle guide.

I’ve guided thousands of women out of being ostriches and into ease, confidence and thriving with their money.  

My students are guided and supported to move through the steps to become:

First, Financially Secure – letting the worry go, smashing debt and building savings buffers that help them relax. 

Second, Financially Independent – debt free, feeling confident, having more money knowledge, building savings and starting to invest where their money is working for them.

Third, Financially Fabulous – where their money from investments and assets makes more money than their regular salaries. At this stage, you’ll have a significant net worth that can last you 5 to 10 years without working. 

And ULTIMATELY, experiencing true Freedom, created when you no longer have to work or exchange your life-force energy for Money.   

At this stage, many of my students choose to continue working doing things they love.   

Whichever stage you’re at… if you need support moving to the next level on your Money Journey, please Join Us on the 9 week Money Magic Program.

Money Myth 6: Managing Money and being Wealthy takes so much Time and Responsibility.

We have two primary resources as human beings (apart from money) – our Time and our Energy.

Stress, worry, and concern about money are the biggest drains of life-force energy. Let’s face it, life’s too short for that!

Wouldn’t you love to have that energy instead for things you really enjoy – your family, learning, creativity, travel, fun etc.

Well then, you’ll need to Shift your Money Mindset AND put a Money System in place. 

Once your Money System is in place, managing it doesn’t take much time.   

And the more the system works, and the more money flows through it, the more inspired you’ll get and spending the time on it will be a pleasure rather than a struggle.

So how much time do you actually need?

During the Money Magic program, you need between 3 to 5 hours a week for 9 weeks to do the program properly – shift your money mindset, transform your negative emotions about money, breakthrough past-patterning and sabotage, set up the money systems and get my live coaching to answer your questions.

So 45 hours to get set up. 

At the end of the 9-week program, I will give you a 1-page outline of the steps you need to take to keep your Money Magic System thriving.  

Daily Actions – 10 mins a day
Monthly Actions – 2 hours
Quarterly Actions – 2 hours to 3 hours (depending on your level of investing) 
Yearly Actions – 8 hours (or 1 day). 

That’s it. 

When you join the Money Magic Program this year, you get the Priceless BONUS of Lifetime access.

This means you’ll have the support of the community throughout the year and can revise the program LIVE once per year with me to keep tweaking your system and make it easier and easier to manage.

To make it crystal clear:  Lifetime Access means you pay for Money Magic only ONCE now, and you get to have me as your Money Coach for life. 

If you’re ready to smash these and any other Money Myths you have… 

… and say YES to your abundance, peace of mind and a prosperous financial future… then I’m really excited to hold your hand and be your guide. 




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