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VIDEO –  Manifesting your Dream Home – Easy or Hard?  Here’s why…

Why is it that sometimes you can manifest things quickly and effortlessly and other times, it can feel hard and like a struggle?

My students often ask these questions:

“Should I be specific or general with my Dreams & Goals?  

Which is better?”

“And what happens if my partner or spouse isn’t on board with what I want?”

These are some questions I was asked recently on one of my Private Webinars for my Dreams & Goals with Soul program.

I thought I’d share this quick 6 minute video with you to give you some answers too.

It’s a little story about how I turned my effort, struggle and tears about Manifesting my Dream Home into creating my idyllic, country house that makes Geoff (my husband) and I pinch ourselves with glee every morning when we wake up.  

While this video may be about manifesting a home, it actually pertains to manifesting anything – a job, a holiday, a soul-mate, more money… anything.

In this video I share the small shift that made a BIG difference.

Watch the Video Now >>

Getting clear on your Dreams & Goals and Manifesting them with Ease is one of the things I’ve taught thousands of people worldwide since 2005.

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