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What? I don’t need to be afraid of Spiders?

A couple of weeks ago, I was in my kitchen and a spider slowly and stealthily walked across my kitchen counter.  I’m not terrified of spiders – I don’t scream, run, or look for the nearest shoe to bash the spider over the head – but I am wary of them.   

An over-share:  I was bitten on the bum by a spider in 2018 ? (actually, the upper thigh, but bum sounds better ?).   It was an unpleasant and pretty painful experience that involved a trip to the hospital.   

So I turned to my housekeeper, Eduarda, and said, “Is this Spider poisonous?” because I’d like to know what I’m dealing with, especially now with a toddler in the house.

“Poisonous?” she said incredulously.  “What do you mean poisonous?” 

Because I live in Portugal and my Portuguese is extremely basic, much of my life “gets lost in translation”.  Eduarda’s English is better than my Portuguese, but I thought she might not understand the word “Poisonous.”   

So I opened my trusty Google Translate to help:

“Aranha Venenosa?” (Spider Poisonous?) I asked.

“Não!” she replied incredulously again.    

She looked at me like I was crazy, and in perfect English, she said: “Spiders are not poisonous.” 

“Yes, they are!” I shouted, “In Africa, there are muito, muito (many, many) poisonous spiders.” I said in my best combination of Portu-glish to make my point.

“Ah, not here,” she said.

And at that moment, all caution and fear I previously held about spiders disappeared.  I don’t think twice about a spider when I see one now.

This little story made me ponder how the CONTEXT and story in your mind about something can cause you to fear it.   Stress, fear and anxiety exist because you think there is something to worry about.

What if the things you are worrying about aren’t true?  

What if you could take “the Poison” out of those fears and concerns lurking, like spiders, in your life?

When I teach and coach people about Manifesting + Money + Magic, most of my work is simply SHIFTING the Context and Story so that your fear disappears and transforms into relaxed ease.    

And from Relaxed Ease, creating what you want in your life is WAY easier!

This week I invite you to notice: “What are there things in your LIFE that would lose their scariness if you “de-poisoned” them and changed the story?”


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