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WTF!? This is WHY I’m running a Money Party

In Case you missed it… 

 A 3-Day Full Moon Money Party is happening next week! 

Tuesday 7, Wednesday 8 & Thursday 9 March

A Money Party may sound a little “strange” to you… and you may have skimmed my previous posts and thought, “WTF?! A Money Party – that’s weird?”

And it’s weird because we NEVER celebrate the energy of Money. 

We celebrate births, marriages, birthdays, promotions at work, anniversaries, friends, valentines, God, our culture, the end of wars, and even death. 

So why not Money – when it’s a fundamental thing we connect with daily?

And so, I want to share WHY I’m running a Money Party after teaching thousands of people about money in a solid, strategic and holistic way since 2011. 

Let’s face it – the energy in the world is heavy and dense right now… Post-Covid, War in Ukraine, LoadShedding, Corruption, Politicians doing crazy shit…

And A LOT of that dense, negative consciousness is sitting in the area of Money – with words and fear-mongering being thrown around like Inflation, Interest Rate Hikes, Retrenchments, Unemployment and Recession. 

So it’s normal to feel nervous, serious, contracted or even fearful about your finances right now. 

And you may or may not know …

how you FEEL about Money, and YOUR ENERGY affects your Relationship with
and has a material impact on your Bank Balance.

This is WHY I’m hosting this Money Party.

I’m combining my teaching about Manifesting + Money + Magic into this Party to get you BACK into GOOD VIBES with Money… 

There are many NEW, fun, engaging, playful practices that you’ll be guided through during this Money Party to ignite your enthusiasm about money and get you into the feeling good to help you take positive steps towards a way better financial future.  

The Party will be fun, frivolous, and inspiring with Music, Prizes, Dancing and Games…   And it will be Powerful, Potent and Transformational too. 

Here are the activities we’ll be doing and goodies you’ll be receiving that you probably haven’t experienced before with Money:


? ?  Bliss Dance – to Release and Relax about Money at the level of your body. 

? ?  Breathwork to release past Money Mistakes at a Cellular Level.

? ?  A Ceremony to honour your Relationship with Money and let go of what no longer serves you.

? ?  Biodanza – a Dance to Amplify and lock into your body your good feelings with money.

? ?  EFT Tapping with a Script for Staying in Great Relationship with Money. 

? ?  Find out Your Money Archetype – to bring more playfulness, lightness and understanding to how you treat money and how money treats you.

? ?  Dream again with Money and get inspired about your Financial Dreams & Goals, creating an energy that pulls you into your economic expansion.

? ?  Hypnotherapy Session to subconsciously lock in your Enthusiastic and Excited feelings and thoughts about Money. This you can keep reusing whenever you need to.   

? ? Nia Dancing – To Appreciate Money and Celebrate your Financial Dreams coming true.

? ?   PLUS, You’ll get a Music Track daily – 3 of them!! – with Subliminal Af-for-mations to reprogram your money mindset without even thinking about it.  

As you can see, it’s a JAM-Packed Party…. 

It’s not just me teaching; I’ve pulled together 6 other FANTASTIC collaborators (all Previous Money Students of mine, who’ve had life-changing financial shifts) who will share their passion and brilliance to create changes and transformation for you too. 

AND you get to do this with a great group of other party-goers all committed to feeling good financially.

Book your Ticket for the Full Moon Money Party here >>

This Full Moon Money Party will be FUN, filled with energy-shifting alignment practices, and super transformational.

And it won’t take much of your time  – ‘cos, as your Hostess, I’ll take you by the hand and lead you through it. 

? ?  On Tuesday 7, Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 March, we have a 75 minute LIVE Online Party Session together where the LIVE Party takes place. (Of course, if you can’t make one of the days, there’ll be a recording).

? ?   Plus, every day – 12 hours before the LIVE Party, you’ll receive a Party Pack via email to get you in the Mood during the day.

? ?   And there’s a Private Party Facebook Group for you to connect into, to feel the energy, connection and high vibes of all the Party peeps.

This Full Moon Money Party is something New and Different!

This Party is priced SUPER ridiculously low at only $27 or R 470 – to make it a complete no-brainer. 

Join the Full Moon Money Party here >>

This Ticket Price for the Party is to honour my inspiration, time, creativity, teaching, Money Magic brilliance, and the energy of my team that has gone into creating it.

I’m SO excited to see you there !

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