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Your INVITATION to the 2024 Money Party


to a 3 Day, Online


Because when you get into GOOD VIBES with Money, your Finances Shift!

Relax, Have Fun and Feel Good about Money
(No matter what your Current Financial Situation)

Tuesday 23
+ Wednesday 24 + Thursday 25 July 2024

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If you are in Southern Africa, you’ll pay in Rand R600

️🎉💵 Yippppeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ️🎉💵 We’re having a Money Party!

Think Music, Money-Shifting Tools and Practices, Dancing, Dressing Up, Abundance Ceremony,  Laughing, Being Playful, Connecting with others, Releasing your stress, Games, Prizes and having Fun, Fun, Fun with the Energy of Money.

I can’t wait to see you there!


P.S.  As I prepare to be your Party Hostess and Mistress of Money Ceremonies, I’m having fun deciding on my Money Party outfits…

Check out the 4 Money Party Characters here >>

P.P.S.   Why are we having a Money Party?

Because Money generally makes you feel icky-sticky, negative emotions – like…

… stressed – those knots in your shoulders tighten…

… upset – you snap at your kids when they beg for that cheap toy in the supermarket and hear yourself being like your own mother saying, “Do you think money grows on trees!”…

… worried – when you know it’s tax season soon, and you haven’t been saving for it…

… stupid – when others around you talk “investment-lingo” like Unit Trusts, Pensions, ETF’s, 401k’s and you feel completely out of your depth…

… guilty – that sinking in your stomach when you notice others with way less than you and yet you’re still anxious about money…

… denial – that wishful thinking that if you just focus on other things, your money situation will magically sort itself out. 

If you know anything about MANIFESTING, you understand how you FEEL about something is what you attract.

It’s time to get into GOOD VIBES with Money – into feeling RELAXED, Playful, Joyous, at Ease and Appreciative – so that you shift and transform your ENERGY around money.   

If you don’t change the way you FEEL about money first…
Nothing else in your financial life – your debt, your savings, attracting more money -will shift easily. 

And what better way to create GOOD VIBES  than having a Party with Money and other fun party-peeps who are committed to their financial thriving too!  

A Good Party makes you FEEL good!
And a Fun Money Party makes YOU and Money Feel AMAZING too!

Hell Yeah! I want to have a Money Party >>

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