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A Happy Ending  (and a New Chapter)


️Yipppeee, we’ve reached the end of our “Finding a Family Home in Portugal” adventure/ drama/ saga/ manifestation.  

(At different times in the past year, each of these words and perspectives felt correct).

We LOVE living in our new house; it is Beyond Ideal!! It is fantastic, and I’m doing a Dance of Delight every day. 



And because I teach Manifesting (and Money) and Magic, I’m sharing this with you to CELEBRATE the absolutely astounding brilliance of our Divine Co-creator (the Universe/ God/ Allah/ Your Guides or Higher Self).   ️️️️

Keep holding a Vision + Allow the Divine to do its work = AMAZING things Manifest.

Wow… July to December 2023 was 6 months of intensive “putting my manifestation and magical practices and tools to the test.” 

Knowing what I know now, I WISH I’d been more Ease-filled and Trusting through the last 6 weeks of the process. 

It was in late November, after our fourth offer on a house fell through, that I spent a few days crying my eyes out.   I threw myself a huge pity-party.  In my head, I blamed everything – like Geoff, Portugal, Bureaucracy, Estate Agents, Emigrating, Covid, Europe, etc. 

You name it, I blamed it. 

And then I just gave up.

And here we are, in a beautiful family home that meets all our needs – plus, plus, plus.  ️  I’m marvelling at the Abundance and how the Universe really had my back. 

This house and the convoluted story of how it manifested now represent Deep Faith for me. 
(Numerologically, it’s number 88 – a 7 house about faith and spirituality, which feels really apt.)

Deep Faith that no matter what life sends my way… it is absolutely for the best. (Always!)

I did know that… but in the later part of 2023, I had some moments of really forgetting.

We celebrated Geoff’s 60th Birthday here 2 weekends ago. 
We had a 3 day Festa of different people visiting at different times over the Easter Weekend.

We had 17 people sleep-over on Saturday night. (Yes, our new house is ridiculously HUGE – with an annex and an attic. Big enough that everyone had their own rooms.) 

Summer started this past week with gorgeous weather…. so we’re now outside doing yoga, playing in the big garden and using the swimming pool.  Yay! 


In the month I’ve been back in Portugal, we’ve been super social in this house. Inviting lots of people for dinners, braais and playdates… and it feels wonderful to be putting lots of effort into creating friendships and our community here. 

It’s definitely a whole New Chapter now… 


P.S. Here are 3 of my Tools that supported me immensely:

1.     My EASE tools to keep coming back into EASE.   (Here’s my quick Ease Checklist for you to print out.)

Ease is the VIBRATIONAL foundation for manifesting everything. If you can keep bringing yourself back to EASE, you will create what you wish for.

2.     This is ALL happening FOR me (and my family)… Everything that is happening is for my highest good.

3.     Manifesting is ALWAYS perfect in HINDSIGHT.  

They say Hindsight is 20/20 Vision – it’s the same with Manifesting.   You’ll never be able to see the Manifesting Path from the Present to the Future, but you will always be able to see the perfection when you look back from the present into the past.   (Watch this 6 minute Video for more about this!)

Wherever YOU are on your Manifesting Journey of Creating what you want, I wish you EASE.

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