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A Quick Manifesting Hack

One of my students has a BIG goal this year. She has started an NGO and has set herself a BIG fund-raising target of R39.4 million.  

She’s really excited and nervous. 
She has no idea how it’s going to happen. 

But that’s the thing with BIG Dreams and Goals, the “How’s” are not up to you.

The How’s are the job of your Divine Co-Creator (call it the Universe/ God/ Allah/ Whatever floats your boat).

In the past 8 months, despite not knowing “how”, she’s manifested and attracted a phenomenal board of advisors, great staff, offices and donations.  
And some filmmakers from the US want to make a documentary about her NGO.   It’s definitely got momentum.   

And yet, there are times she goes into self-doubt or wondering if she can actually make it happen.  

It’s then that I coach her  “Come back to your Core Desired Feelings and live those.”

She created her Core Desired Feelings with me at the beginning of the year. 
They are the anchor for her Dreams & Goals. 
They are the Emotional Feelings to FEEL daily so that her life feels good.

Because when your life FEELS good, manifesting becomes easier and easier. 

Her Core Desired Feelings  (how she wants her life to feel every day) are:


And recently, she shared this…

So, I throw the same question out to YOU.   

How would you Love your Life to FEEL?
(Even if you have no idea what your big dreams and goals are, yet).

Take a couple of minutes.  Write it down.

And then every morning, give yourself a few minutes to tune in and feel those feelings.

One of my Core Desired Feelings is “Joyful Pleasure” and this morning as I cooked my oat porridge, I turned up the volume on “Everything is Changing” by Goldfish and danced myself into Joyful Pleasure in my kitchen.  It felt Great!

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