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Behind the Scenes (of my Business)

“Will you do an interview with me about running an Internet Business, Creating Courses and Digital Marketing, Donna?  Because out of all the people I know, you’ve been doing it the longest since 2012, right?”   asked Tamryn Sherriffs.

“Since 2009, actually!” I replied, “And yes, I’d love to do the Interview.”

So here it is…

I don’t usually share the “behind the scenes” about my business Abagail, because I’m so focused on supporting you with your Manifesting + Money + Magic.

I usually only chat about business in my Financial Flow for Entrepreneurs program when I teach small business owners how to run their business finances and create money magic in their companies. 

But after I shared the interview yesterday on social media, I’ve had so many responses like…

So here’s the Interview to inspire you, too!   Enjoy!


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