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Guided Meditation to Ground your Dreams & Goals into Reality

When you COMBINE… 

Your Dreams & Goals and Vision for your delicious Future

Energy Work
Taking Inspired Action

You’ll experience the Magic of Manifesting and be in awe at your ability to create even better than you imagined.

It’s the ENERGY work I’m popping into your inbox about today with a Gift ?
… Guided Meditation to help you Ground and Manifest your Dreams & Goals(24 mins.)   

Whether you’re dreaming of… 

Creating your own business doing work you love and having more free time to spend with your kids…

Or Travelling the world and connecting to the cooking and cuisines in each land

Or Starting an animal rescue centre for abandoned dogs

Or Living in your dream home at the beach… 

Or Whatever lights you up and makes your toes wiggle in anticipation

(Aside: TOE WIGGLING ANTICIPATION is the “vibe” you want to go for when creating and thinking about your Dreams & Goals)

And while your dreams may feel fabulous in your head, you want to be LIVING them, right?

Smelling that salty sea air from your bedroom balcony… 

or tasting that spicy curry while wearing a cerise sari in India… 

or giggling and joking while playing games with your kids at 3pm on a Tuesday.

To have your Dreams & Goals MANIFEST into reality as easily and effortlessly as possible, you have to GROUND them energetically into physical reality

Many people can’t ground things into real-world results – money, jobs they love, thriving relationships, beautiful clothes, fantastic travel, harmonious homes… 

The last step of making it happen doesn’t seem to click. 

I teach my 7 Levels of Abundance students how to do the energy work and connect to their abundance using the Chakra system.

The path of moving Energy DOWN the Chakras from Crown Chakra through to Root is called the MANIFESTING Energy.

And that’s what you’re doing with your Dreams & Goals.

You’re moving the energy DOWN from Divine Inspiration and Clarity (Crown Chakra)

through the Third Eye (Vision, Imagination and Thought)

through the rest of the Spinning Wheels of the Chakras 

Right through to the Root Chakra where you Ground your Goal into Reality on this Earthly Plane.

And VIOLA, it manifests.   

And so, one of the ways to smooth your manifesting path energetically is to keep grounding yourself and the energy of your dreams and goals.

And here’s that 24-minute Guided Meditation Gift to help you do just that.

As a Dreamer and Visionary, it’s easy to “stay in your head,”  but to Manifest your Goals effectively in reality you have to move the energy out of your head and ground your Goals into the reality of our earthly plane.

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