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I’m getting Edgy because to hell with Clichés

If I’ve been in your life for a while, you’ll know that I write to inspire and ignite in you that…

… your dreams ARE possible and you can make them happen (Manifesting)…

… you CAN get your finances into thriving (Money)… 

… and as you get into Energetic Alignment, you’ll create a juicy, amazing and abundant life (Magic). 

And sometimes, as I write, I think…  

“Jeez, this all sounds so cliché.”

You just need to take a scroll through any Facebook wall to see these “love and light” messages pop up everywhere.  In 2005, when I started teaching, these ideas were radical, and now, they are blah….

Now, don’t get me wrong…  these 3 ideas are true and important, except because you see them everywhere  (including the cover of every rainbow-coloured writing journal), you don’t even notice them anymore.   

And we all actually deserve better than cliché…

So, I’ve been asking myself:   

“Can’t I say it a better way?  

Something edgier?  

Something that will take you by the scruff of the neck and shake you because this is critical if you want to actually have a meaningful and fun time while you’re on this planet.” 

So here’s me getting edgy…    

…About Living your Dreams…

Stop living a F&*k-ing mediocre life, settling for it, and thinking it’s okay.  
It’s not.  
Your soul is dying.  
Your soul is whispering to you, and sometimes it screams for your attention.
When did you stop listening? 
When did you shut it out and instead distract yourself with Netflix, or food, or alcohol, or being busy?

Get Still. Listen. 
Get into Nature. Meditate. Journal. 
Move your body.  Rest.  Get enough sleep.  Nourish yourself with good food.
Whatever it takes to actually hear your soul’s song.

And then get brave, dear one… 

Get F-ing Brave!
Whatever the fear that stops you, get into your fiercest arm-wrestle with it and knock it to the ground.

If you need support, find it. 
There are armies of lightworkers, healers and coaches ready with swords and tools to help you knock out those fears, overcome self-doubt and shift your shame.       

And then follow, follow, follow the guidance of your soul.
Keep tuning in.  Keep listening.
It won’t lead you astray. 

It may lead you through weird, wild, fun and exciting experiences that make your heart pound and your mind expand in awe.

It may lead you straight into the jaws of your darkest fears so you can slash through the illusion.    

Or so that you realise that all that previously scared you was simply fuel for your desires and realising your inner power.   (The support really comes in handy at times like these).
It may lead you into times of grief and sorrow where the old needs to die so that the new, expanded and fresh you can be born.

There are times when it will be exhilarating and times when it will be hard… but my God, you’ll definitely know you’re alive.   



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