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Let’s SMASH 3 Myths about your Energy

A quick reminder for you today …

1. You can NOT struggle your way to EASE

2. You can NOT work your way to REST

3. You can NOT sacrifice your way to REWARD.

These are 3 socially conditioned MYTHS that don’t respect the Universal Laws of energy.

The Energetic Vibration you are “giving off” is the vibration you attract. 

So, if you are vibrating at “hard work and sacrifice”, that’s what you attract.

If you want ease, you have to choose ease. 

If you want rest, you have to choose rest. 

If you want health, you must focus on health and not dis-ease.

If you want more love, be love first and radiate it.

If you want appreciation from others, you have to appreciate others. 

If you want abundance, you have to choose abundance. 

What are you currently choosing? 

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