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Looking for the ZING 

“Mom, please can you come and play with me?”

I’m working at my home office. My to-do list is a mile long.  I only work half-days, so I need to squeeze as much productivity as possible into my narrow work window. 

And then this. 🤦 I feel a little overwhelmed. 

A more nagging cry, “Mom, come do a puzzle with me.”

What does my 4-year-old son really want? Or need?

He wants my Presence and my Attention.

The Life Force energy that flows through me and into him when I’m fully present with him and have my attention on him is intoxicating.
It’s one of the reasons why falling in love is such a heady, expansive and blissful experience. 
Because another human being has their FULL attention on you. 💏
They are really present with you.
Our kids crave our life-force energy being beamed into them because we are their favourite people and because they haven’t yet learned how to connect to the Source of Life-force energy to fill themselves up.
They long for the zinging energy of intimacy that your Presence and Attention create.
And, here’s the sad thing…
You crave and long for that, too.   
And you’ve probably NEVER been taught how to do it for yourself.
How do you turn your Presence and Attention onto YOURSELF?
And refresh, regenerate and re-enliven yourself – as if you are showering yourself in a waterfall of the most healing mineral waters.🚿🚿🚿
And because most haven’t been taught how to do it, we look for this energy outside of ourselves…

… the lover, the new clothes, the friend, the holiday, the parental approval, the promotion at work…

… We hope that the EXTERNAL thing will give us the Zing.⚡

And it may do for a minute or an hour or a day or a week…. but then…  we hunt for the next thing. 
We get caught in a loop of doing the opposite of giving Presence and Attention to ourselves.  

Instead, we distract ourselves…  Screens, sugar, shopping, sex, social media, alcohol…  

Looking to these things for their temporary zing.
And the problem with seeking the Presence and Attention and that Beaming of Life-force energy from “out there”, is that nothing from out there will do it consistently and sustainably.  
So you dry up and feel parched like a desert when YOU are actually your own oasis. 🌴🌴🌴
You have your own ability to Re-Source.
And plug into the energy that fuels worlds. 

It’s right there… but you may not even know it.   
In moments, you could turn on the tap of your own Presence and Attention with yourself and your juiciness, your aliveness, your sparkle would flow back to quench those parts of you that are dry, brittle and worn-out. 
Join us for 15 minutes a day for 27 days on the Gem Program to learn how. (Link in my Bio)

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