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My Love Letter to you

What do you so BADLY NEED from a SPECIFIC place that you are not getting?
What if I told you:  “Because you NEED it, you’re NEVER going to get it…”  😳
Here are 2 examples from my own life:
In 2021, after the COVID craziness and my partner’s business disappearing, I badly NEEDED Geoff to earn well and pay his share of our monthly expenses.    
I needed it so much that I got frustrated, upset, angry, despondent.  I sat on my couch, crying many tears. 
It’s only when I did some of the exercises I’m sharing with you in this email that things shifted. 
My second one:   Until a few years ago, I so badly needed the feeling of success from my business to validate my sense of self-worth.
For you, it may be something different:
You so badly need the love from a soulmate that isn’t in your life yet. 
You NEED approval from your father.
You need the money from the promotion to feel successful and worthy. 
Think about it…
I badly need …………    from ………………  To feel …………….
(Get out your journal and write down your answers. 
Awareness and writing it down is the first step to shifting it.)
Here’s the problem with NEEDING something from someone or something specific.  It makes you vibrate at the energy frequency of NEEDINESS.
Do you remember at school, there was that pupil who was so needy to have friends that their neediness hung around them like a bad smell and no one wanted to spend time with them? 
And as cruel as kids can be, they’re energetically very honest. 
When someone is needy, it feels like an energy vampire wanting to suck on your energy.  No thanks!
Because Neediness is filled with the vibration of scarcity, clinging, fear and desperation – it is someone else looking for your energy or something outside of themselves to make them feel whole.
And it’s the SAME with Life/ the Universe/ God/ your Divine Co-Creator when it comes to manifesting and creating what you want in your life;  
Neediness is a turn-off.  
There’s a line in the Bible: 
“To those who HAVE, more will be given.  And to those who HAVE NOT, more will be taken away.”
I’m convinced this is about the ENERGY vibration of HAVING and points to the CURE for NEEDINESS.  
Step 1:     Focus instead on how you DO actually HAVE that thing!
Get out your journal and take a very long look at your life.  Explore where there is evidence that you ALREADY have the thing you need.
NEED more money? – In your journal, list the areas where you are already abundant – where abundance is evident. Or where you already feel rich.  And then FOCUS there. 
NEED a soul-mate?   In your journal, list the areas where you already experience connection, companionship, love and fun.  FOCUS there and spend more time, energy and attention on what you already HAVE. 
Step 2:  Feel and Create the FEELING you want to feel
You’ve done this exercise, right?
I badly need …………….      from ……………….  To feel …………
Now, whatever those FEELINGS you want to feel, how can you create them with what you currently have?
You may need to get creative here.  And your Creativity is the magic sauce that will shift that “neediness” energy. 
Here’s a PERFECT example from one of my students on my current Money Magic Program. She posted this over the weekend.

With a few sprigs of mint, some lemon, apples and ice added to water – she feels ABUNDANT and Rich!   Simple. 
I wish you loads of Creativity, Fun and Enjoyment as you practice Focusing on what you already HAVE and creating those feelings you desire.  
Let me know what magic it creates for you… I always love to hear your stories. 

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