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Push the Mid-Year RESET Button 

Helloooo, mid-August!

Yep, it seems like time races, and before you know it, it’s only a few months until Xmas.

So, I’m wondering – how are you doing on your Dreams and Goals for this year FB Warm Audience?

Those ideas, possibilities and wishful thoughts that inspired and excited you in January…

? To travel on some fabulous holidays? Or take a loooooong sabbatical?
? Land new clients for your business?
? Get promoted and paid more at work?
? Meet and fall in love with a soul-mate?
? To write your book, do more art, or go on a spiritual retreat?

? Or like me – to get fit and into shape this year?

It’s easy to get despondent after the middle of the year and to treat the next 4 months as a slog to the finish line.

And yet, you can RESET and RECOMMIT to your Dreams & Goals at ANY time.

My getting fit goal has gone astray ?… so from today, I’m hitting RESET and Recommitting.

I CHOOSE for today to be a new beginning, and because I choose it, so it is.

This morning I listened to my own Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet Guided Visualisation, and I imagined the RESULTS I want to be experiencing in December 2023.

I imagined myself in a heated swimming pool, having fun with Geoff and Luke. And then looking down at my body in a Bikini and feeling proud of myself for re-committing to my health and fitness goals.

I envisioned hearing myself say to Geoff, “And wow, I’m so excited my energy levels are back to where they were before I became a Mom. All from doing short “exercise snacks” with focus and intention on weekdays.”

I also imagined other things I’m manifesting – our fabulous country home, my supportive and fantastic work team, my programs filling up with students who experience profound shifts in their Manifesting, Money and Magic.

And I also visualised the things I’ve already manifested and feel deeply grateful for – The incredible healthy food our cook makes for us, our supportive network of friends in a new country, Geoff thriving in his work and with his Portuguese residency.

It’s not too late to do this Guided Visualisation and make 2023 your BEST Year Yet.

(Note: The first 18 minutes are the Visualisation, and then I share with you some manifesting tips for how to make this work to create magic in the next 4 months.)

Quiet that inner critic that says, “It’s too late! You can only start fresh next January…”

And hit the RESET Button today!

Now, I’m off to do my first 4-minute Tabata “Exercise Snack”. ?

Yours in Recommitting to the Dreams & Goals that make your life AMAZING!

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